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They wanted to charge me $25 trip charge + $96 hourly minimum labor charge to deliver new door magnets. We've been loyal customers for over 8 years.

They said that we had to pay this way because we did not have a service plan and because we had altered the system. We lost the magnets. (During the day, we remove the magnets daily as to not wake our baby with the door sensors when we let our dog in and out of the house.) They suck! They would rather not give us the $2 parts and lose our $40 monthly service fee.

We are going with a new company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adt Customer Care.

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I'm confused.. you said they wanted to charge you this way because you don't have their service.. but then said they would be losing your $40/mo.


I had the same problem with ADT. And if you upgrade, they add another year on your contract.

If you are not careful, you can keep getting in deeper and deeper with them. I am sorry I signed a 3 year contract, I wish I could get out of it.


You people below posting insulting others are probably the *** people that work for them! go back to sucking their *** holes and stop insulting others calling them ***!!

*** is someone who insults others when others just want help!! ***


door sensors run around 80$ a piece and thats not including any installation charges. i'd say the 125$ is pretty good for three of them considering you damaged the equipment out of ignorance.


Is it *** to call the 800 number for assistance?

The tech who last serviced our alarm (an ADT rep) said that our particular model does not allow for us to turn off the chime and the manual did not suggest otherwise. I would much rather do it that way, believe me.

But hey, thanks for the insult. I'm sure it will make your day a little brighter.

The whole point of my post is that "sales" as you call it, could have referred me to a place to purchase parts, but didn't or can't. That's ***.


Rather than calling your sales rep to find out how to turn off your door chime feature (function button - chime button BTW), OR JUST READING THE MANUAL THAT WAS GIVEN TO YOU, or typing your question in to google, you chose to remove your door contacts. No company, good or bad, can do anything about massive stupidity among some of their customers.


Adt does not charge a 25. Trip..

The problem is that you bought from a ADT dealer not ADT corporate. BIG difference.

You can turn off the chimes on all alarms. Just type in your code plus # 9



The ADT service rep said that our system does not allow us to turn off the chime. Trust me, I would much rather do that. I'm obviously not as smart as you, but I wasnt' too *** to understand the problem.

So yes, I do blame the company. I shouldn't need to pay for a service plan in order to get replacement door magnets. We've had the system since 2002 and had no problems. Do you really think that the service plan is worthwhile?

You are right, ADT does own everyone, and maybe no one cares. What is truly baffling is that you are reading/posting on the ADT section of - you work for ADT?


rawnbinit aka "you people"


i'm sorry but no service plan means charges. why would you remove magnets when all you have to do is turn the chime mode off?

you people baffle me.

this is in your house and when you are too *** to understand you blame the company. go ahead and cancel no one cares and adt owns everyone.

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